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Pregnant women

The World Emergency Card (WEC) is a great tool for pregnant women as well. Pregnancy is a period when various unexpected health situations or complications can occur, and quick and proper medical assistance can be crucial.
Here are some reasons why WEC could be beneficial for pregnant women.


Pregnancy status information


Possible health complications


Medical history

WEC can contain important pregnancy information, including the due date, any complications,
or special medical needs.

In case of emergency, such as premature birth or pregnancy-related complications, the card can help healthcare professionals quickly understand the situation and adapt care.

It can contain information about previous pregnancies, including any complications or cesarean sections, which is important for proper medical care.


Gynecologist's contact information

WEC can include contact information for a doctor or obstetrician, allowing for quick communication in case of
an emergency.



health needs

Information about specific health needs, such as medication allergies or existing medical conditions, can also be part of the card.

The World Emergency Card provides crucial support for pregnant women and ensures that in case
of an emergency, healthcare professionals will have quick access to essential information
can be critical for the safety and health of both the mother and the child.

Kate 28, Switzerland

"Me, being 20 weeks pregnant, experienced sudden complications during
my business trip. Thanks to the information on my WEC, healthcare professionals quickly understood the situation and provided me with
the specific care needed for a pregnant woman in my condition."
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