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The safety of our little ones

In the World Emergency Card, we understand that the safety of your children is your top priority. That's why
we offer a special solution for the little ones - safety stickers with QR codes that contain the same important information as our cards. These stickers are perfect for everyday use and can be attached to items that your children always have with them.


Easy access to information

The QR code allows for instant access to the health and contact information of your child.


Easy application

The sticker can be easily attached to mobile phones or other items that your children commonly carry. Alternatively, you can choose to use it on a keychain, for example.


Protection and safety

This sticker ensures that important information will always be available, thereby increasing the safety of your child, no matter where they are.


Universal use

Ideal for various situations - from school trips to play afternoons in the park


Contact person

Each sticker contains information about an emergency contact person, ensuring fast and effective communication.

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